Putting the Pull Back into Perspective

Kellie, Darrell and I have watched the recent market volatility and wanted to share our thoughts with you. The S&P 500 Index entered correction territory on Monday, August 24 for the first time in nearly 1000 days, when it dropped more than 10% from market highs in May this year. Stocks slumped as investors seem to re-evaluate prices amid signs of a slowdown in China, questions about the path of the Fed policy, and a slump in oil prices. The beginning of a correction may be a harsh reminder for investors that markets don’t always go up.

World Reserve Currency Regime

Canadians, like many nationalities, have a home bias when it comes to investing. The majority, if not all of their investments, such as RRSPs, real estate, mutual funds and businesses, are in Canada and are tied to its future economic growth.

These Canadian investments could see reduced returns in the future, however, due to a growing shift in the balance of economic power towards China and the East and away from the U.S. and Western countries.


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